There are four main types of cotton which are well known all over the world. These types are derived from the different ranges depending on the places they are grown. Below are some of the types outlined; 

  • Pima cotton- this is a type of cotton that has long fibers. It is a resistant type to fraying, tearing, pilling and fading. Its quality can be known through touching, seeing and feeling.

  • It is more durable as compared to other types. It has fibers that can be 1.4 to 2 inches long. It also has a longer life expectancy which is over 50% according to the manufacturers. The cotton is majorly grown in cool areas as it marvels in temperature ranging from cool to wet. 

  • Pima cotton is regarded as the most expensive cotton type due to its quality. 

  • Upland cotton- this is the most used Ravenox cotton rope in the world. It is the most staple cotton as it is used to make a variety of cotton related goods. It has short fibers which are of medium quality. Its products are relatively affordable in everyday life as it is less expensive as compared to Pima cotton. It is grown in  a temperature range of 28-32°C. It can also grow in optimal temperatures but is affected in temperature more than 40°C.  
  • Egyptian cotton- this type of cotton has extra-long fibers. It is resistant to most of pest and diseases as it marvels in harsh conditions. It is mostly grown in the deserts of Egypt which is of a hot and dry climate. It is vibrant and soft in nature and is mainly used in making heavy clothing.

  • It is also pleasant to sensitive skins and that makes it a taste for many users. During harvesting, it’s usually handpicked because their quality can be easily affected when a harvesting machine is used. It has a higher thread count as compared to all other cotton types and this makes it the best in terms of quality and usage. 

  • Acala cotton- it has a fiber length of around 28-30 mm. it also resembles the upland cotton types and is mostly grown in the Southwest parts.  It is mainly grown as a commercial cotton type in the Southwest. 

  • Supima cotton- is a highly quality cotton fabric made from Gossypium barbadense. It is one of the softest and strongest cotton fabrics in the whole world. It takes the form of Pima cotton but the only difference is their methods of productions and certifications. It also has long fibers which extends its quality. It resists wrinkling and tear just as the pima cotton. 

In summary, there are many different types of cotton fabrics derived from different cotton plants. This is seen due to their difference in quality and production rates and ratios click here for rope