Bears are said to be largely active during the day. While many people believe bears are nocturnal, this is not true, though they will sometimes wait until night time to raid grain sheds, crops, livestock with the aim of avoiding humans.  Bears have a stronger sense of smell than dogs which they mainly use to find food. Due to this they pose a threat to both people and their domestic animals as well as their agricultural produce all in one kits

Electric fencing is thus among the best methods to keep away bears. While electric fences are used as a containment measure for animals, they also help keep predators like the bear away which may pose a great threat to someone’s homestead and their livestock. Electric fences are thus a reliable and preventative strategy to help reduce the threats of bear attacks. 

Electric fencing is actually a simple and cheap method to secure a farm or home from bear attacks. Electric fences can be installed permanently or temporarily. Large attractants require a permanent fence. On the other hand, hunters may choose a temporary version when going about their business. Hunting camps, game meat and skins therefore the permanent ones are more effective to deter curious bears.  

An electric fence plays a huge role in providing security for people who live close to bear infested areas. Electric fencing deters bears by providing an electric shock when the bear touches the wires which are charged by electric current. Under normal circumstances, electric fences function as open circuits generated by the energy sent through the charged wires of the fence. By touching the wire the bear grounds the fence creating a closed circuit thus making electric pulse travel through and back to the source of energy creating a shock to the bear. 

Electricity is a form of deterrent. This means that the electric shock is not harmful but rather unpleasant to the animal. Electric fences are humane as they only shock the animal if only it insists in touching the fence. Once the bear moves the shock stops. This means that when the bear is caught in the fence for long it might lead to death. 

Domestic animals adjust to the electric fence usually after getting shocked a few times. This is not the case with predators like the bear. The bear may endure repeated shocks with the drive to reach their food source. Therefore, predator fences need to shock severally and serve as physical barrier. The fence is supposed to be strong with the wires being taller than the animal. In order to succeed, erecting the electric fence before the attractant level of predators is high. The animals are thus trained to adopt to the fence early enough. 

Technology has brought the innovation of portable fences on other things that the bears can keep off from. A small picnic cooler in form of a lunch box is fitted with apparatus from an electric fence that shock the bear once it tries to get to the bait and remove it. This makes the predators run away from the area and a keep off completely. The installation of the electric fence is thus an easy method to provide security in areas where bears might attack.