Do you have any construction problems in flooring, construction of decks, frameworks and porches? Don’t worry yourself too much, Viking Arm tool is the solution for all your problems. It is an ingenious tool that does it all, apart from doors and windows installations it can lift up to a capacity of 150 kg. With this tool you will be able to reduce the hands required to install certain types of work. Also, it economical in professional fields and reduces significant frustration among those who want to improve their homes Oryx cabinet installation tools


Material – aluminum/hardened stainless steel 

Operation range – 6-215 mm 

Capacity – 330lb=up to 150kg 

Weight – 1.4kg  

Standard base – 5x105x87 

Optional base – 3x77x62 

Advantages of Viking Arm Tool  

It has high quality components  

Saves money, time and increases productivity 

 Allows strong and long-lasting construction   

The capacity is impressing for a compacted hand tool 

It presses, tightens, lifts with accuracy and control 

It is a universal innovation tool 

It gives original technical results  

Maintenance of Viking Arm  

Most of the time tools suffer from wear and tear especially the high quality tools as many people assume they do not need care and they end up not keeping them at the right place. To increase the service and the performance of your tools, you should always keep them in good condition to avoid several ensure that cleaning and repair works is done on regular basis, below are some of things that should do. 

Store the tool with a lot of care 

Despite the type of job the tool is meant for, it is very important to store it properly by not rubbing it against the others. Viking Arm should be kept in a dry place, free from dust and moisture. 

Do regular inspection and repair  

Regular inspection of the tool helps to check any signs of poor functioning and damages. In case of such occurrence, consider repairing the tool with immediate effect.  

Do the cleaning and lubrication  

Cleaning of the tools should be a routine to ensure that they remain free from any dust and debris to avoid future damage. Apart from cleaning, you should also lubricate to avoid corrosion and reduce the components wear and tear. A well maintained tool will always work properly and give the best results. 

Tool Safety  

Read and understand well how to operate the tool. 

Any misuse may cause damages to the tool itself or injuries to the person using it.   

Remove your hands from the moving parts of the Viking arm.  

Avoid lifting objects which have not been properly fixed on the bars. 

Overloading the Viking arm will cause injuries and damages to your tool.  

Personal protective equipment should be worn at all time of work. 

Always keep your Viking arm secure by not leaving it on a working area while on heights as they may get falling and tripping hazards. 

In conclusion, Viking Arm Tool is what you need for your construction as it ease tasks by making two men task as one man task hence reducing too much manual load and enhances accurate lifting and adjustment.